Smart BI

Smart BI covers the concepts which have emerged over the last years relating to:

Data Visualization
Data visualization will enable highlighting information in a particularly explicit visual mode. Each type of information will be represented in preferred mode: histograms, gauges, mapping … which will make information much more readable than in pivot table form presentation. Color-coding, animation, navigation and user-friendliness are elements to be considered with care to facilitate the interpretation and the reading of figures.

Data Discovery
Data discovery is the ability to drill-down and explore information from Data and Big Data to extract an interpretation which will help in the development of the enterprise.

BI Self-service
BI self-service aims to empower users so that they may build their own analysis models easily and without technical assistance.

Our teams propose their expertise on all issues such as:

  • BI Agile Governance – Organization and methodology
  • Proof of Concept  – BI Agile tools
  • BI Agile – Projects implementation for your BI Agile projects
  • Datalab – Implementation of  Datalab environments
  • Expertise and Platform – Best practices, Architecture, Performance