BI Master Plan

The field of Business Intelligence has been constantly changing in recent years. The coming of new technologies has called current architecture into question, and now enables meeting the needs of some business management.

How to make informed choices between new concepts and technologies, which are considered to be revolutionary (Big Data, Smart BI, Data visualization, Data scientist, BI mobile, Search …) and the constantly changing vendor roadmaps (positioning of traditional products, buy-outs…)?

How to develop scalable infrastructure while coping with simultaneous deployment of technical solutions by the business management, routine daily issues (performance, data quality …) and the enforced cuts in IT costs?

How to bring technical value and autonomy to users?

ABSHORE helps you to answer these questions and partners you end-to-end on your decision support information system’s re-engineering or construction.


Our master plan offer covers the following services :

  • Decision – support IS master plan development
  • Decision – support IS audit
  • Decision – support IS convergence / merger study
  • Decision – support IS target architecture definition
  • Method and organization definition
  • Tool choice study