Operational management

This is all about evaluating process efficiency and results obtained in relation to the means consumed. We partner general management in the implementation of overall management solutions:

  • Overall performance management based on the design and implementation of a Balanced ScoreCard (BSC). These structured dashboards (Key performance indicators, strategic objectives and actions) are particularly useful to general management, creating as they do a strategy design framework, which then translates into operational actions.
  • Process performance management via ABM (Activity Based Management)-type solutions.They enable having real knowledge of costs and margins related to each customer, product, service or business process.
  • Reporting Corporate. Many organizations run into issues in their reporting deployment, notably in the event of high decentralization levels. Our teams partner you in the design and implementation of reporting solutions in summary form at corporate level, and in federated form for the different business lines.
  • The Information System provides the basis for overall management of the corporation and its positions. Having been partitioned per business line for a long time, the new generation IS must now align itself to corporate operational and strategic management stakes.