Management of IT costs

Managing IT costs hides a complex reality with the objective of:

  • Industrialize and secure the budgetary process
  • Monitor the activities
  • Reinvoice the business departments seamlessly
  • Control the economic model

Achieving these goals requires sharp financial skills and precise management services of the used services.
Quickly achieve financial excellence is possible with a SaaS application which covers all the needs of the management accountants:

  • Follow-up of loads, staff and Man/Day by recurring and not recurring activity
  • Follow-up of the carried work and construction of forecasts (budget, estimate)
  • Annual closing
  • Investment and depreciation
  • Billing offers

The benefits are:

  • More reliable financial information
  • Faster data collection
  • Richer and faster financial analysis
  • Application available in less than 4 months
  • Flexibility
  • No maintenance needed
  • Agility of the IT structure

Choose ABSHORE is …

  • Benefit from many years of experience in the management of IT costs
  • Being surrounded by experts in business process modeling
  • Lead a project with consultants familiar with your needs