Big Data Analytics

Tackling massive, multi-structured data involves knowing how to collect, decipher and process Big Data, so as to activate the levers of growth and performance in enterprises, whatever their size or economic sector.

It also involves constructing new Business Models to ensure their durability and development.

Finally, it involves creating sustainable competitive advantages by exploiting, on the one hand, the reserves of knowledge stemming from the detailed analysis of new sources of data, and, on the other hand, the anticipatory, even predictive, capabilities developed on the back of such analysis.

  • Valorize massive data by transforming them into usable knowledge
  • Enhance analytical capabilities so as to be better at anticipating and predicting
  • Improve the performance of next-generation digital devices
  • Optimize and develop Business Intelligence architectures


  • Data-Driven Innovation

We assist our clients with their project to evangelize analytics, so as to facilitate the emergence of innovative ideas around the valorization of data. Our approach is anchored in the reality of the enterprises concerned and focuses on concrete cases, so as to deliver tangible results.

      • Launch and lead Data-driven Innovation initiatives
      • Collect, utilize, analyze and valorize Data
      • Construct ecosystems and use cases
  • Big Data Architectures & TCO Optimization

ABSHORE helps organizations implement the indispensable foundations of Big Data by designing and deploying next-generation architectures for data valorization. The Group analyzes the specific context and the reality behind each enterprise, so as to formulate appropriate and profitable solutions by valorizing prior investments and the enterprise’s data assets.

      • Design and deploy Big Data Roadmaps
      • Evaluate and recommend innovative technologies
      • Prepare Business Cases, undertake cost-benefit analysis (TCO)
  • Data Science Consulting

Conscious that the paradigm change imposed by massive and multi-structured data requires very specialized scientific knowledge and technological skills, ABSHORE recruits and trains Data Science professionals to assist its clients in designing, and implementing, efficient Big Data algorithms.

      • Develop advanced and tailor-made algorithms (Machine-learning)
      • Put in place highly upgradable predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions : scalability, elasticity, “use-based payment” 
  • Agile Big Data Laboratory

ABSHORE advises the enterprise in defining its processes for validating Big Data Analytics approaches based on concrete and accessible use cases. Sensitive, as it is, to the specific nature of each enterprise, the Group devises a realistic Roadmap with its clients promising quantifiable and measurable economic value.

      • Demonstrate value and associated technological choices
      • Implement an “agile” Big Data experimentation laboratory
      • Identify effective data ecosystems
  • Big Data Service Factory

By offering rapid prototyping, ABSHORE’s algorithmic Big Data platform considerably shortens the time periods for implementing your advanced analytical projects. It delivers services in the form of a PaaS – Platform as a Service. Aimed both at experts in Data Science and also at business users, depending on the need, it is highly scalable, and performs all types of algorithms and Data Visualization, whatever the language may be.

    • Propose agile prototyping and Proof of Value (a demonstration of the value created, supported by figures)
    • Show a cost-controlled, rapid increase in analytical capabilities
    • Present upgradable analytical solutions : scalability and elasticity
    • Construct models payable according to use (Big Analytics in the Cloud)