Our vision

E-commerce has today become an integral part of the consumer routine.This purchasing mode continues to grow from year to year, faster than traditional commerce, driven by constant enhancements in technologies. Consumption and purchasing modes are thus in permanent change.

Two trends particularly stand out:

  • The consumer begins look-up on a device, and finalizes the purchase later, in another place or on another device. This is ATAWAD :“any time, any where, any device”.
  • Before going through with the purchase action, it’s usual for the consumer to go to the store to test a product, read the opinions of his peers on internet, take advice on social networks, compare, find the best price for an equivalent service on the web …

How to respond to these trends in the face of this new purchasing behavior? How to address omni-channel issues? Is it even necessary to do so? More concretely, how should you respond to your customer expectations and with what solutions?
Our conviction is that e-commerce is a brick in what we call ‘connected commerce’. It’s with this view that we partner you day-to-day thanks to our marketing, sectorial and technological know-how.

Our added value

  • Partnering to define your overall digital transformation strategy.
  • An upstream marketing-geared approach.
  • Mastery of the overall vision of connected commerce.
  • In-depth knowledge of tools through ongoing monitoring by our experts.
  • Proven experience in high-stake business and technological projects.

Your benefits

  • We offer customized partnering, consistent with your stakes and your needs.
  • Upstream project definition
  • Solution choice
  • Sonution management
  • Time To Market
  • Enhancements
  • Change management